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Free SEO Search Engine Optimization
Free flu, free cold, free infection, free tornado, free SEO. ;)

Web Design Blog
A page with several short blurbs of interesting topics.

First Impressions Software and SEO Reviews
Numerous articles of reviews about software, hardware, and tools. Primary Pages

Website Designing with slider - the only page on this website that uses JavaScript for a slideshow. The page is useful for showing customers how slideshows can be applied to a web page.
Website Hosting - an overview of several free and paid hosting services. - a separate website of mine that was temporarily used for SEO, but now only poaints back to this site.

Websites of Interest - an SEO content writing experiment that presented an interpretation of western philosophy's concepts of ethics. Most all of the pages were ranked in the top ten against strong competition, often #1 to #3 nationally. - a website used for researching SEO, content writing, and layout compatibilities. Many of the pages earned top national rankings without additional SEO. - a personal hobby website whose aim is to simply present a nice website with a very useful topic that is not available anywhere else: 齊道 Chi Dao Harmony Way.

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