Web Design Guarantee and Dependability

Web Design Guarantee and Dependability

Web Design Guarantee and Dependability

Larry Gowdy Web Design Dependability

(Copyright© 2017 by Larry Gowdy) Larry Gowdy Web Design Dependability.

When I started my business in 1982 as an independent electronics tech (I was too young to know better) the economy was in a recession that was not too dissimilar to 2010. I had grown up as the son of an independent television repairman, so I knew firsthand how Amarillo businesses went through cycles of boom and bust, and so I assumed that the Amarillo economy would soon pick back up like it had always done in the past. When I first wrote this page in 2010, I was confident that the local economy would once again increase and be as strong or stronger than it was in 2008, and the local economy has indeed improved, but the trends have changed.

The old models of social cycles were as obvious and easily forecasted as the food chain: when the economy is booming, predator businesses move in and prey on unsuspecting customers until the predator companies destroy the availability of new customers, which then further fuels the economy's collapse. The cycles of abundant food and scarce food act as a self-regulating force against an over-population of any one species or business, but the Internet's trends are different. The online predator companies have pretty much taken-over the Internet, but the Internet cannot starve: for as long as there is electricity, a telephone line, and a server to host websites, the Internet — and the predators — can remain alive and continue to grow.

Further aggravating the problem is the unfortunate necessity that many USA businesses are now required by law to use the Internet for filing taxes and other business activities. The choices are not ideal: either accept the risks associated with having your computers connected to the global network, or else go out of business. Diseases normally thin weaker populations of animals, but the Internet's diseases have no boundary, and the businesses that are forced to use the Internet are being infected at a pandemic rate. The Internet is very ill, and there is almost nothing that we as individuals can do beyond protecting ourselves.

Four commonsense methods of protecting one's own website and business: [1] When shopping for a web designer, insist on a guarantee in writing that the designer will correct any and all errors in the website at no additional charge, and if for any reason the website does not work as intended within a short period of time (ten to thirty days maximum), then the customer will receive a full refund of all money paid. [2] Give preference to the web designers who live in your city or state. Off-shore web design companies — as well as many big-name national companies in the USA — are notorious for shoddy work and for inserting malware into web page code, and except for the obvious reasons such as different languages and for websites intended for international use, there is no good reason to choose a web designer outside of the USA for a USA website. Of the Amarillo web designers that I know, we are not in competition with each other; we each offer a different expertise, and we know that different customers have different needs that are best met by different web designers. [3] Choose a web design that is inherently secure. Most everyone already knows that websites are being attacked millions of times each day, and there is no good reason to believe that your site will not also be attacked by hackers. A secure website is automatically a dependable website.

Regardless of the risks, business owners do need to maintain an online presence, and that is where my services come in: I help to promote as well as to protect businesses, and to do so without the businesses hiring an in-house IT employee.

My guarantee is that the websites I build will be free of errors, that the websites will work as intended, that the websites will be found on search engines, and if at any future date an error is discovered, then I will correct the problem at no charge. I can offer such a guarantee because my web designs are usually always error-free, and what errors might be found will only be of some little something that just takes a couple of minutes to correct (misspellings, minor typos, etc.). Most service companies only give a thirty day warranty on labor, and a few high-end companies will give a year warranty on labor, but I believe that when a business owner pays for a service, then the business owner should get what s/he pays for regardless if an error is discovered a month later or a decade later. My guarantee of error-free accuracy is spoken with a smile but with the seriousness of it being true: "Forever, or until I can no longer physically or mentally type code on a computer, whichever comes first."

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Updated August 04, 2018