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Company Profile: I am an independent web designer (Larry Gowdy dba Larry Gowdy) who first started business as an independent electronics technician in 1982. Changing focus to keep up with the rapid technology changes, I entered the computer field in 1986 and website designing in 1999. Some of the most prominent names in the panhandle and the USA have chosen my services. Backed with a history of over 10,000 satisfied customers, I am well-experienced with the needs and preferences of regional customers'.

My focus in the field of web design is site stability and organic SEO. I have created numerous websites that were nationally ranked in the top five for their keywords. Yes I can create websites that can compete with and exceed the customer's competition. If the customer is serious about SEO, I can make it happen.

My business model is to retain the freedom and fun of independence while ensuring that my customers' needs are always met 100%. My work hours are my customers'; I meet with customers at their convenience, and I do my programming during the hours that are most convenient for me (usually late at night after the phone stops ringing). My office is available for meeting with customers; the office is not intended to be used for punching a time clock.

In previous occupations I was the all-time top #1 salesman for three different companies, and I was the top #1 tech for two companies. I know firsthand what is needed to become a successful salesman: a quality product, unwavering honesty with customers, a sense of urgency to ensure that the customer receives more than what was expected, and the independence to adapt rapidly to changing environments. I provide all four ingredients in my website services. My goal is to provide my customers with the top #1 best service.

FYI, 35 years ago I netted over twice of what a good salary pays today, and I never had to resort to telephone canvasing. If I can do it, then others can too.

I am open to having a salesperson sell my services because although I am good at sales by praising the qualities of other people's products, I simply cannot praise my own work.

Positions currently open : Website Designing and SEO Salesperson

Location : National

Description: The salesperson sells website services to businesses and individuals on a commission-only contract basis. The salesperson meets with business owners and managers in person and describes the advantages of the business having a high ranked website. Telephone and email solicitation are not permissible; all contact with potential customers absolutely must be polite, honest, and professional. The salesperson is paid a commission for sales as well as for leads that are later sold a website service by a different salesperson. (A typical small sale is around $500.00 to $1,000.00 gross, a medium sale is around $6,000.00 gross, and a major SEO project can run in the $100,000.00+ range.)

Work hours: The salesperson is free to set his/her own schedule, fulltime or part-time.

Qualifications: Self-starter with self-initiative who places top priority on keeping customers happy, and is comfortable handling sales the way that they want to sell and not the way that someone else tells them to sell. Computer literate (email, all major browsers, mobile devices, all major search engines, etc.). Outside business to business sales experience of one year or more.

Please contact me for more information.

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