How To Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux

How To Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux

How To Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux

How to Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux by Larry Gowdy

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How to Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux by Larry Gowdy

WQY Chinese Fonts are in the AUR

While looking for a different program, I happened to discover the WQY fonts within the AUR.

So, yeah, just install the Chinese fonts through the software installer. Everything is easy when we first know which alphabetical list to search. ;-)

Brief Intro Comments About ArchLabs Linux

ArchLabs is an utterly fantastic Linux distro! ArchLabs is the first and only operating system that ever had me smiling wide and loudly giggling immediately after installation. :) I have enjoyed Puppy Linux and its tools for personal use, and I’ve used Manjaro Arch Linux quite a bit for my customers, but wow ArchLabs is darn-near perfect for my needs!

Am I excited about ArchLabs? You bet! Their home page is

One of the few things that I needed beyond the default setup was Chinese fonts so that I could view Chinese characters on websites and within text editors. From what I remember, some distros like Ubuntu have installers for fonts, but ArchLabs is nice and lean, so I figured that I would need to do some terminal work. I used to write autoexec and config.sys files for DOS in the early 90s, and I still do a bit of command line work in Windows®, so I’m comfortable with terminals, but I’m not yet very familiar with Linux commands, so I tend to try to be lazy and do GUI shortcuts where possible.

A quick visit to search engines consumed over an hour of trying to find something — anything — related to Arch, fonts, and Chinese. The only useful thing I found was the Arch Linux Wiki link that has the adobe source hans fonts. Good enough!

My personal opinion is that the traditional Chinese fonts are favored, primarily because I work with old texts which, of course, use the traditional characters. (FYI, I will later be installing additional font families as well, so the Chinese fonts installation was my first learning experience of how to install fonts in Arch Linux.)

How to Install Chinese Fonts in ArchLabs Linux

Go to the https:// wiki. archlinux. org/ index. php / fonts #Chinese page.

How to Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux by Larry Gowdy

Installing Chinese Fonts in ArchLabs Linux Wiki

Left-clicking on [ adobe-source-han-sans-tw-fonts - Traditional Chinese OpenType/CFF Sans fonts ] opens You can, of course, choose any of the other font families. The WQY fonts are said to be very good, so I will want to test them in future days.

How to Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux by Larry Gowdy

Chinese Fonts for Arch Linux

Left-clicking on [ adobe-source-han-sans-tw-fonts ] opens the third page

Downloading Chinese Fonts for Arch Linux

Downloading Chinese Fonts for Arch Linux

The download link is over on the right side at the bottom of the “Package Actions” box. (I have ‘ad blindness’, so I didn’t give attention to the little box until I clicked on the wrong links several times. LOL!)

Download the fonts to your Download directory or whichever directory that you prefer.

In the download directory, right-click on the downloaded file and choose "Extract Here".

Double-left-click to open the new extracted adobe-source-han-sans-tw-fonts-1.004-2-any.pkg folder.

Within the [ adobe-source-han-sans-tw-fonts-1.004-2-any.pkg ] directory, open sub-directories: [ usr/share/fonts ].

Right-click on the folder [ adobe-source-han-sans ] and choose “Copy” (or use ctrl + c).

Navigate through Thunar to [ File System/usr/share/ ].

Arch Linux fonts directory in Thunar

Arch Linux fonts directory in Thunar

Right-click on the directory [ fonts ] and choose "Open as Root". Enter your password and let the directory be opened. Now simply paste the adobe hans font folder into the [ usr/share/fonts ] directory.

Close all programs. Log out. Log back in. Ta-da! Done!

Now my web pages and word processor docs show Chinese fonts, and I have more smiles. :D

Things to Keep In Mind

I am not an expert with Arch, so I might later discover that my method of installing the Chinese fonts might have been less than ideal. If/when I find a better or favored method, I will then update this page. The copying/pasting of the fonts folder worked fine for me, but it might not work for everyone.

For about fifteen years I have been keeping an eye on a lot of different Linux distributions, and for me the Arch distro has had the best success of stability on the computers that I installed. To date, and in my opinion, for my needs ArchLabs is the best of the best.

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