Computer Repair by Larry Gowdy in Amarillo, Texas

Computer Repair by Larry Gowdy

in Amarillo, Texas

Computer Repair

by Larry Gowdy

in Amarillo, Texas

Larry Neal Gowdy Computer Repair

Larry Gowdy

Computer Repair

Computer Repair - Virus Removal - Upgrades

Computer Networks - Cat5 Installation

Software Installation and Instruction

Custom-built Low Radiation Computers

Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation

Windows® and Linux®

Office hours are 1-5 p.m. M-F

IMPORTANT NOTICE: At present I am only accepting work for low-radiation computers, website design, SEO, and for electromagnetic radiation liability remediation (elimination/reduction of microwave emissions in homes and businesses). Due to the extreme inundation of wireless devices in all public buildings, I no longer accept any on-premises service where any wireless device is within 100 feet.

Low Radiation Computers

I build desktop computers that have minimal electromagnetic radiation. The computers are best suited for business and home use, and the computers have shown to be effective in dramatically reducing health hazards. Individuals with electrostatic sensitivity report a sharp decrease of headaches and mental fog. The typical cost is $560.00 without an operating system. Add $150.00 plus $60.00 installation for Windows® 8.1 retail (not OEM), or $200.00 plus $60.00 installation for Windows 10 (retail, not OEM). Your choice of Linux can be installed for $60.00.

Note: the computers might not be suitable for extreme games that require high wattage GPUs and CPUs. All prices do not include sales tax.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation?

Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation is the elimination and/or reduction of health risks due to hazardous electrical fields within homes and businesses. Similar to lead, asbestos, and tobacco, in time there will be a major rush when attorneys begin suing companies who knowingly and/or carelessly permitted their employees to be subjected to the 'second-hand' radiation from cell phones, computers, and other wireless devices. Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation helps to reduce or to completely eliminate a company's potential legal liability.

Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation includes several steps, including the removal of all wireless devices, of installing (where necessary) hard-wired networking, of removing wireless circuitry from devices (where possible), and of building low-radiation computers.

Typical symptoms of electromagnetic radiation poisoning include headaches, dizziness, dry skin on the face and forearms, sleep disorders, irritability, emotional outbursts, loss of memory, difficulty thinking, slurred speech, difficulty finding the right word to say, and many other symptoms. The physical symptoms usually go away within hours or days when all wireless devices are removed, but the psychological symptoms usually require weeks or months to subside if they ever subside at all (some psychological damages are permanent and cannot be healed).

How To Contact Me for Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation

First email me from the contact page, or use the contact Larry Gowdy page. In the email please give a brief description of the location where the Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation will be done, as well as the hours of day when the service can be performed.

Typical Process for Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation

Prior to my arrival at the location, all electrical devices (except normal incandescent lighting and non-wireless refrigeration) must be turned off and unplugged from the wall receptacles. All cell phones, modems, and other devices with batteries must also have all batteries removed. A one-hour prepayment of $60.00 (plus $4.95 tax) is required when I arrive on the premises. My typical procedure is to inspect the premise's devices to determine which devices can be modified and which must be replaced. I then give a statement of needed modifications along with an estimate of costs. Some newer model appliances have wireless circuitry that will require research for schematics to determine the plausibility of modifying the circuitry rather than replacing the appliances themselves. Additional research may require additional prepaid fees.

Prepayments are required because about half of the people suffering from electromagnetic radiation poisoning have difficulty thinking. Due to the rapidly increasing problem of electromagnetic radiation poisoning, I now require prepayment for all services.

Evening and weekend service is available by appointment

Secure - I have passed several FBI background checks required for previous licensing by the Texas Private Security Bureau, plus I have had open access to high and maximum security computerized controls at prisons, government agencies and corporations, and I have been entrusted with numerous valuables at museums and residential locations. I do not store passwords nor any other sensitive data from customers' computers unless it is necessary to access their online files while performing requested service (websites, hosting services, etc.), and then I prefer to only store the hand-written passwords on paper, not on a computer that might possibly be compromised. Data transferred between a customer's computers is normally performed with a USB thumb drive that is given to the customer to keep. Data that must be transferred with an external hard drive is retained for 30 days in case of the customer needing another copy, and I then wipe the hard drive to D.O.D. specs or else destroy the drive. I sincerely have no interest in any customer's private data, and I earnestly strive to avoid seeing private files (years ago I accidentally saw something on a computer that was deeply disturbing, and I never want to risk seeing anything like that again: I'm paranoid. ;-) ). Your computer data is guaranteed safe.

Experience - As an independent electronics technician, I have serviced over 10,000 customers in the tri-state region.

Economical - Low overhead equates to lower costs for my customers: my customers' bills pay for a single tech's expenses, not the operating expenses of a retail chain. My prices are normally about a third of what the retail chains charge.

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