Cheap Websites Soft Design

Cheap Websites Soft Design

Cheap Website 'Soft' Design at 1440x900

Cheap Websites Soft Design

$199.95 (plus tax)

A fully installed hand-coded website that includes email, your choice of content, and one year of paid hosting.

This is not a low quality CMS (content management system) website. This is a real website hand-made by a professional web designer. Each Cheap Website includes built-in SEO, maximum security, maximum stability, and the website is fully expandable. One of the main differences between my Cheap Websites and my Custom websites is that the Custom websites are custom designed for each individual customer.

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Cheap Website 'Soft' Design at 1440x900

(The Soft design as viewed on a 1440x900 monitor. Click on the photo to view it at full size.)

The Soft's design is very quiet and lends itself to pale backgrounds of paisleys or victorian florals. Though the design's brightness may not be desirable for lengthy viewing on large monitors (too much brightness may tire the eyes), still the design does quickly catch the viewer's attention, which is what a website ought to do.

On occasion I have had good uses for bright web pages, and the Soft design does meet several purposes.

Cheap Website 'Soft' Design at Full View

(The Soft design as viewed from top to bottom. Click on the photo to view it at full size.)

The Soft's design is perhaps best suited as an eye-catching brief of contact information along with a few paragraphs. Of the times that I used a similarly bright web page, I usually used the websites as landing-pages from search engines, and then linked to a different website from the bright pages.

Cheap Website 'Soft' Design at 360x640

(The Soft design as viewed on a 360x640 device. Click on the photo to view it at full size.)

Cheap Website 'Soft' Design at 320x480

(The Soft design as viewed on a 320x480 device. Click on the photo to view it at full size.)

Cheap Website 'Soft' Design at 360x640

(The Soft design's text as viewed on a 320x480 device. Click on the photo to view it at full size.)

Within a world of so many cookie-cutter websites overflowing with colorful photos of fake smiles, it is nice to see a site that is sincere and modest.

The $199.95 price includes my entering your title, content, photo, and contact information. The website is then uploaded to a secure hosting server with the first year of hosting included in the price. If you later choose, the website can have additional content and pages added (at additional cost).

How to order the Cheap Website Soft design:

[1] Before ordering, please read this entire page as well as the Restrictions on the Cheap Websites page. Email me if you have any questions before ordering.

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[2] Order the Cheap Website by mailing a check or money order to Larry Gowdy, P.O.Box 20954, Amarillo, Texas, 79114. (Checks from Happy State Bank and Amarillo National Bank, as well as USPS money orders, receive same-day approval. Other checks may be held up to ten business days to ensure that they clear your bank. FYI, I am registered in Texas as Larry Gowdy dba Larry Gowdy.) The total charge will be $216.45 including tax.

[3] Please give close attention to the items in the screenshots that are marked with numbers. The header is #1, the optional sub-header is #2, optional background color is #3, background image is #4m photo is #5, content title is #6, your email link is #7, and copyright info is #8.

[4] Email me your photo(s), text, and links that you want to be placed in each of the numbered locations. Please tell me which Cheap Website design you are wanting (e.g. Reader Design, Classic Design, etc.). Also include in the email the domain that you own and wish to use (i.e.

(For security purposes and peace of mind I strongly recommend that all customers take full personal control of their own domain names. There are many registrars available, but I usually recommend Enom® and NameCheap® because both offer good rates and good service. I can handle the domain for a customer if requested, but I must charge an extra $10.00 over cost per domain name per year for maintenance time. Domain identity protection is available at additional cost.)

[5] If you do not yet own a domain name and you want me to acquire the domain for you, then please tell me what dot-com domain name that you want, and I will then purchase a one year registration for the domain name. Please check first to ensure that the domain name that you want is not already being used by someone else. If I find that the domain name that you want is already being used, then I will ask you for a different dot-com name. The website must have a domain name for the site to be viewable online.

[6] When the website is ready to be uploaded to the server, I will email you the DNS Domain Name Server address for you to point your domain name to. If you prefer that I set the DNS settings for you, then please email me the logins for your registrar and I will set the DNS. When the settings are made, for security reasons please change the passwords for your registrar login. There is no extra charge for my setting the DNS on Enom and NameCheap, but other registrars (e.g. GoDaddy®) may incur an additional $20.00 to $60.00 charge due to the registrars being very slow. Please plan accordingly.

[7] I will have the website and hosting active within three business days (usually within 24 hours). The site might not be viewable for up to three additional days while the domain is propagating through servers throughout the country (almost always the site is viewable within one to three hours after the files are uploaded, but on rare occasions some server somewhere is slow or down). Also, if requested, I will also setup the first email address free of charge.

[8] Once the website is online, carefully inspect the photos, text, and links to ensure that they are correct. Please email me if you spot an error.

Thank you, I appreciate your business.

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