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A fully installed hand-coded website with SEO, security, one email address, and one year of managed hosting for $199.95 (plus tax). There are no additional installation fees unless additional features are requested by you. The website can later be modified, have additional pages added, or just leave the site as it is (restrictions apply). The cheap websites linked to the right are preconfigured and ready for me to insert your content.

Cheap Websites Information

Why so cheap?

The most time-consuming and expensive part of creating a new website is the choosing of how to design a layout that best suits a customer's business. It is common for me to spend 10 to 40 hours testing different designs to see which best meets a customer's needs. I created the cheap websites on the right in my spare time, so the pages are already finished except for the header title, text, photos, and a few SEO additions. The cheap website designs do not require the designing expenses, so I can pass the savings to my customers.

Too, I have downsized my business with the goal of doing almost all future work online. I have already begun turning away IT customers, and I plan to be offering additional designs and SEO services online at nice low prices. Of the many years of my being in business, I have always made about the same income selling services that take half the time at half the price, so why not sell cheap websites that take less time?

My tech competitors used to complain (sometimes loudly) that my rates were too low, but I was making more money than them while having fun being the most popular tech in the area. I keep my overhead low, and I do all work myself, so my prices do not have to pay for secretaries and other employees. I have not yet had a customer complain about my low prices (although I have had customers tell me that they would have gladly paid twice the price that I charged them).

So are the cheap websites really cheap? The web pages share the same general SEO that I add to my best websites, the web pages share the same general hand-typed coding as my best websites, and the websites use professional hosting services, so no, the sites are not cheaply made, they are just inexpensive. The only four sizable differences between a single-page $199.95 cheap website and a single-page $595.00 website are [1] the cheap website is not personally designed for each customer, [2] the cheap websites are usually not linked from my own websites, [3] the cheap websites are hosted in a protected environment that I personally manage, and [4] about $400.00.

The cheap websites are good websites with several advantages at an inexpensive price.

Can the cheap website be modified later?

Yes. The page's widths, layouts, and everything else can be changed to best suit your personal needs. There is, of course, an additional labor charge for modifying a cheap website, but it is good to know that your website is a long-term investment that does not lose its value. Too, the longer that a domain is active online, the better the search engine ranking will be. Even if the site might not be updated for years, still it is good to get the site online now so that the site will already be ranked well when you add more content.

Responsive Designs

A 'responsive' design implies that the website will automatically change the layout, photo sizes, and text sizes to fit many different screen sizes. A responsive design is sometimes desirable when an individual wants their website to be viewable as easily as possible by as many visitors as possible (i.e. family and friends who only have cell phones but no computers). Regardless of whether a website is responsive or not, all modern devices ought to still be able to display all websites. Miniature mobile devices that cannot properly display a non-responsive website are of low quality, and the problem exists in the devices' software and not in the website.

Advantages of responsive design: [1] most all devices are able to display the website as the website owner intended, [2] the site might gain additional popularity amongst visitors who only have miniature handheld devices, and [3] at least one search engine allegedly has a double standard of ranking responsive designs higher when displaying search results to mobile users, while the search engine ranks non-responsive sites differently for computer users (I myself have not yet seen positive proof that the search engine does indeed discriminate, but the potential does exist, and it is something that a website owner needs to know about).

Disadvantages of responsive design: [1] responsive designs are inherently incapable of producing a high quality design because the responsive designs prohibit the ability for artwork and text to remain at proper proportions, [2] increased numbers of viewers results in increased numbers of junk calls and junk emails from individuals who only use miniature devices, [3] some professional businesses only want to be contacted by other professional businesses, all of which use computers, and so the website owners do not want their websites to easily be viewed by mobile devices, and [4] the vast majority of responsive designs are coded with JavaScript, which is a computer language that is usually the vehicle of viruses and trojans, and JavaScript is usually turned off in secure browsers, which simply means that common responsive websites cannot be viewed by security-minded individuals.

Some of my cheap website designs are responsive down to around 320x480, but the responsive designs use no JavaScript nor any other scripting that might pose a security problem. The cheap websites are safe for everyone to use. I have been creating 'responsive' websites for about fifteen years — long before it became a buzz-word — and for me, I simply think of my designs as being coded for specific purposes, specific customers, and specific groups of devices.

Please let me know if you want a cheap website without the responsive design, and I will then remove the responsive coding or limit the responsiveness to standard monitor sizes commonly used for your site's topic.

What is the difference between the cheap website and a CMS?

I offer cheap content management system (CMS) websites for the same price, but there are a lot of differences — tons and tons of differences — between a CMS and a hand-coded website. [1] Security: hand-coded websites cannot be hacked. CMSes are notorious for having severe security problems. [2] Speed: hand-coded websites load very quickly, while CMS sites are commonly slow to load because they have to load many different pages to display a single page. Slow loading speeds harm search engine ranking and visitor satisfaction. [3] Stability: CMS sites do not work on some devices, and the sites crash on browsers that have scripting turned off for security purposes. As of 2017 it has become common for over half of all CMS websites (visited by me) to not work properly, mostly caused by too many plugins, ads, and tracking scripts that crash browsers. [4] SEO: CMS sites rarely achieve good search engine ranking unless the sites have hundreds or thousands of pages, and if the sites have no serious competition. Hand-coded sites with similar content always earn higher rankings (I have so many #1 and top-ten sites that I lost count years ago, and all of the sites have big CMS competitors). [5] The one advantage of a CMS is that the owner of the website can enter text and photos without having to learn HTML. [6] Professionals who are familiar with any computer coding quickly recognize how a website is created, and whether the web designer was a professional or not. CMSes are good for a lot of things, but a CMS is not recommended when an individual wants to place themselves in the best light. [7] I keep CMS websites hosted on different servers where if a security problem arises with the CMS itself, then the CMS will not affect the cheap websites that are isolated and protected within a safe environment.

From the website visitor's point of view, the cheap website designs are a welcome change from the now-popular designs of CMSes. The WordPress® CMS alone is reported to currently account for around 75 million websites, which reportedly include about 22% of new domains that are registered in the USA. For many Internet users, it has grown to be a bit depressing to see so many websites that look almost identical except for a few photographs. Too, each year millions of individuals create new CMS sites that the individuals do not finish because using a CMS is a lot of work, and the sites are soon abandoned, which leaves visitors with the impression that CMS websites tend to be for beginners and 'get rich quick' schemes.

Too, since CMS software is created by the CMS companies themselves, then there can be no guarantees of whether the CMS site will work, and any fixes must incur labor charges. The cheap websites are guaranteed to work, and to work well.

And too, CMSes are responsive by automatically changing the website design to fit smaller screens. The CMS website seen on a small mobile device has little or no similarities to what is seen on a monitor. A website design becomes the website owner's signature — what the owner paid for — but the signature may not remain on mobile devices. My responsive designs strive to retain the signature as much as possible.

How to order a cheap website:

[1] Choose the cheap website design that you want from the selection to the right.

[2] Email me if you have any questions before ordering.

[3] Mail a check or money order to Larry Gowdy, P.O.Box 20954, Amarillo, Texas 79110 (sorry, I no longer accept online payments). The total price for one Cheap Website is $216.45 including state tax.

[4] Visit the cheap website's page of your choice to see which items of the cheap website are marked with numbers (e.g. "Photo #1", "text #2", etc.).

[5] Email me your photo(s), text, and links that you want to be placed in each of the numbered locations. Also include in the email the domain that you wish to use (i.e.

[6] If you do not yet own a domain name, then please tell me what dot-com domain name you want, and I will then purchase a one year registration for the domain name at an additional charge of $20.00 (other TLD domains (e.g. dot-net) are available at an additional charge). Please check first to ensure that the domain name that you want is not already being used by someone else. If I find that the domain name that you want is already being used, then I will ask you for a different dot-com name. The website must have a domain name for the site to be viewable online.

[7] After your check or money order has cleared the banks, I will have the website, domain, and hosting active within three business days (usually within 24 hours). The site might not be viewable for up to three days while the domain is propagating through servers throughout the country (almost always the site is viewable within one to three hours, but on rare occasions some server somewhere is slow or down). I will also setup the first email address free of charge.

[8] Once the website is online, carefully inspect the photos, text, and links to ensure that they are correct. Please email me if you spot an error.


Any requested minor changes of photos, text, links, or colors will be changed once at no charge within 30 days. After 30 days, all changes will incur a charge that must be prepaid before the changes are made. Any additional changes or modifications will be billed separately. A typical minor modification charge is usually in the $15.00 range (e.g. changing a few lines of text, resizing a photo, or changing a background color).

Scripts / Analytics / SEO:

The cheap website web page is coded with good SEO techniques that search engines prefer, and the site ought to get reasonably good rankings for regional keywords, but a single page should not be deemed adequate for competing against large websites that are heavily invested in SEO. The web page has no advertising scripts, no analytics, nor any other scripting that invades the visitor's privacy (nor yours). The page's hosting service statistics can be emailed to you if you request it (additional charges might apply).


All photos, text, and other content provided by you remain your copyrighted material. All computer coding performed by me remains my copyrighted material to the extent of the copyright laws. Your use of a cheap website is provided as a service that is renewed each year when the annual hosting service is renewed, and the cheap website is not a sale of the coding itself.

Explanation: if you were to be given the copyrights of a cheap website's coding and design, then I could no longer legally nor ethically sell the cheap website to other individuals, and if anyone else were using a similar design, then they would be required by law to close their website(s) or pay you royalties for using copyrighted material.

If you are interested in having a website of which you control as many copyrights as possible, then please ask me about building you a unique website at the regular prices.

Device Compatibility:

I have verified that the cheap websites display properly on all devices known to me. However, there are now hundreds of different mobile devices, and a large percentage of them do not share the same display standards. It is simply not possible for any website to look the same on all devices because all screens are different sized, all mobile devices' internal programming display website code differently, and device owners sometimes change their device settings to where some websites do not display correctly. If you find that one of my cheap websites does not display correctly on your device — and your device display is at least 480 pixels wide — then please let me know and I will investigate why the site does not work well on your device. If the website can be modified to work on your device without the website's display being unduly altered for normal-sized displays, then I will apply the fix at no additional charge.


Unless otherwise stated, the website is guaranteed to display and to work as described on all common displays of at least 480 pixels of width. The hosting service has a guarantee of 98% up-time (the actual up-time is just slightly below 100%). There is no SEO guarantee for search engine ranking (but regional rankings are expected to be good for the site's keywords).


There are several advantages to the hosting services that I use: [1] the speeds of uploading and downloading are very good, [2] I have some control over the site's IP address, which helps keep my customers' sites safe from hackers, [3] I have some control over the quality of display, which improves all of my customers' quality of display, [4] I can use additional SEO for your site at no additional charge, [5] if there is a hosting problem, I am the one that handles the job at no additional cost to you, and [6] you can be assured that your site will not get associated with black-listed websites.

The Internet has always been in a constant state of change, but some of the more recent changes are rather unfortunate and have given rise to the need of having safe places where websites can be hosted. My cheap websites offer a safe place, and the increase of security decreases my time spent fixing problems, which in turn decreases my customers' expenses.

The small annual fee for hosting helps to pay for an hour or two of labor a year that is normally spent tending to a website's hosting setup.

Annual Fees:

Hosting services and domain names must be renewed every year at the owner's expense. At present, the annual charge for the renewal of the hosting service is $90.00 plus tax. The rates may increase slightly in future years if/when the cost of the hosting service increases. As of 2017 — and barring hyper-inflation — I do not foresee an increase of hosting fees for at least five to ten years or more.

I strongly recommend that all customers take full personal control of their own domain names. There are many registrars available, but I usually recommend Enom and NameCheap because both offer good rates and good service. I can handle the domain for a customer if requested, but I must charge an extra $10.00 over cost per domain name per year for maintenance time.

If the customer chooses to not pay for the annual domain and/or hosting renewal, then the domain and/or hosting services will expire, and the website will automatically go offline (including the email account and all email that might exist on the email server).

Customer-managed Domain:

If the domain name was registered through me, and you later wish to manage the domain yourself, then you will need to setup an account at a registrar and then transfer the domain to your own personal account.

Customer-managed Hosting:

If you are wanting a website to be installed on a hosting service that is not managed by me, then please ask me about creating you a normal one-page or multi-page site. The cheap websites are only available for use on hosting services that are managed by me.

Explanation: some hosting services are horrifically slow and require hours to install the same files as what only takes a few minutes on other hosting services. I simply cannot afford to spend half a day at a slow host for free. Too, the cheap websites are hosted within a secure environment that enhances each site's stability, search engine rankings, reputation, and long-term usability. Some hosting services are frequently black-listed and hacked, which ruins a customer's search engine ranking and reputation. I will not harm my customers' reputations by placing a cheap website on a potentially harmful hosting service.


There can be no refunds once I have begun work on the site. The $199.95 price is for the labor charge to provide a service. Domain name registrars do not permit refunds, and though most hosting services might offer a 30 day refund, my labor of installing the website will have already been used. Before ordering, please ensure that the cheap website design of your choice is what you want.


I have to manually format all content — which can become very time-intensive — and due to the inevitable likelihood of someone wanting a book-length text to be formatted into a single page, then the following restrictions help to explain why some types of content may require additional charges.

[1] The maximum number of paragraphs is 20. Additional paragraphs require additional labor charges. If you have more than 20 paragraphs, then before emailing your content to me, ask me how you can format your text to save the additional charges.

[2] The maximum number of special characters and/or font styles within the main body of text is 5 (italics, bold, and underlined words each count as one font style). Additional characters and font styles require additional labor charges. Each character within a mathematical equation is counted as a separate character. If you have more than 5 special characters and/or font styles, then before emailing your content to me, ask me how you can format your text to save the additional charges.

[3] Two additional font families (e.g. Carlito, Times New Roman, etc.) can be added at no additional charge (the coding will permit devices that have the fonts installed to display the text with that font). The Cheap Website pages are usually currently set for Calibri, Arial, and sans-serif, which are safe to use for almost all devices. Embedding and/or downloading fonts from an external online source are considered a security and privacy risk and are not permitted. If a customer absolutely must use an external link to download fonts, then please ask me about a custom one page website.

[4] Analytics and all other types of JavaScript scripts are not permitted due to privacy and security risks. Links to social media are acceptable if the links only point to the social media URLs and do not have 'like' buttons, counters, nor any other form of scripting. The scripts commonly used on many websites are intrusive on visitors' privacy, and the scripts are often viewed as being spam and spyware. If a customer wants analytics and/or other types of scripting, then please ask me about a custom website.

[5] Misspelled and/or wrong words may incur additional charges to correct. I copy and paste your text into the computer file, which then includes all of the text including any misspelled words. I do check spelling before copying text, but sometimes some words are not caught. Please double-check your spelling before sending your text.

[6] Additional photos require additional charges.

[7] All content absolutely must be family-safe. I will not accept any work that includes vulgarity, adult topics, nor any other form of content that is not suitable for all visitors of all ages.

[8] If I see that your content might pose a problem with displaying, I will first email you and explain why the problem exists. If the problem is not solvable, then I can refund your payment or we can discuss alternative options.

[9] Each individual cheap website may have additional restrictions.

[10] All communication must be through email so that the customer and I will both have written records of all services and all requests. I cannot work and talk on the phone at the same time, so I do not accept telephone calls unless the calls are prearranged.

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